Meet Fabio

I am a wedding photographer based out of El Paso, Texas. I am the son of Vicente and María. I am the father of Inti Manú and Tenoch Illimani. I love coffee and rainy days, sunsets and a good book. In 2003, I graduated from The University of Texas in El Paso with a Bachelor’s in Education with a minor in Blilingual Education. In 2006 I received a Master’s in Educational Psychology. I worked as a professor for the CASS program from Georgetown University with international students from Central America and The Caribbean. Multiculturalism is very important to me. Growing up in the border, I have been exposed to different cultures not only with students but also with clients from different nationalities. Having people from the old continents to our own native Americans, I have been blessed with exposure to so many cultures that is unbelievable. These experiences have created a unique vision as an artist that I imprint in the images that my camera produces. When I am not behind the camera, I love spending time with my little ones, the drums, and the bass guitar. There are few things I love more than getting in touch with mother nature and meditate! I can’t wait to get to know YOU better! Thanks for stopping by!

food: mexican
store: guitar center
the beach or the woods: both
drink: coffee
music: folk
song: “the prophet’s song” by Queen
color: black
singer: Eugenia León
lens: 35 mm

I will be your eyes, when you close your own, as you gently whisper a kiss to your true love...